McCaul accuses Biden administration of ‘slow walking’ aid to Ukraine

McCaul accuses Biden administration of ‘slow walking’ aid to Ukraine
McCaul accuses Biden administration of ‘slow walking’ aid to Ukraine

Home Overseas Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) slammed the Biden administration for its “slow-walk” on sending aid to Ukraine, including that the transfer is dragging out the battle, which is “exactly what Putin needs.”

Throughout an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” McCaul informed host Martha Raddatz that it’s “unlucky” that Biden shouldn’t be sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine instantly.

“In the event that they don’t get the momentum proper now with the Russian offensive coming into the nation proper now, they’ve a window of time with the counter-offensive,” he stated. “That’s why it’s necessary.”

“Once we slow-walk and slow-pace this factor, it drags it out. And that’s exactly what Putin needs,” he added.

McCaul led his personal delegation to Kyiv simply someday after Biden’s visit this week. McCaul famous that lots of the high-ranking navy officers he met with throughout his go to have been in favor of the U.S. placing “not solely F-16s in however longer-range artillery to take out the Iranian drones in Crimea.”

McCaul additionally stated he talked to Joint Chiefs of Employees Chairman Gen. Mark Milley relating to the MGM-140 Military Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) and the F-16s, which he stated shouldn’t be “off the desk.”

“I feel with sufficient strain from Congress on either side of the aisle, we are able to get into Ukraine what they actually need to win this struggle,” McCaul stated. “In any other case, what are we doing in Ukraine?”

McCaul’s requires extra aid to Ukraine echo final weeks sentiment, when he stated he’s hopeful the U.S. will ship extra missiles and transfer to provide fighter jets to Kyiv.

“The longer they wait, the longer this battle will prevail,” McCaul said last week throughout an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on the Munich Safety Convention in Germany.

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